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Benefits of Equine Massage

  At first mention of "equine massage" many hear a luxury that would only apply to the wealthiest and prominent of horse owners.  Massage however, plays a vital role in all aspects of a horses life regardless of finances or registration papers.

  The history of massage started thousands of years ago in Egypt with the idea that the body and mind were connected.  If the mind was "crazy" the body could be manipulated so they work as one.  As horse owners we want nothing more than our horses to be content and healthy as well as willing to work with us.

  At times though, our horses will refuse certain tasks that are asked of them, whether it's because they are having a bad day or they may have some discomfort in achieving that effort.  Horses are athletes and should be treated in that respect regardless of their discipline.  That's were massage comes in.

  Equine massage is a non invasive, alternative solution to help your horse acknowledge positive influences that are needed in the body.  Bodywork helps to relax the mind and therefore the body. 

*Establish balance in the body.
*Improves range of motion.
*Increased coordination.
*Improved flexibility.
*Aid in healing scar tissue.
*Enhanced suppleness.
*Better self carriage.
*Barrel racers have taken time off runs.
*Racehorses have broken track records.
*Dressage horses are better able to push with their rear ends.
*Every horse will benefit from bodywork.
Change is noticed on the ground and in the saddle!


 "Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox.  "But you must not forget it. 
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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