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Our horse Lacy showed slight lameness after an event last year (April 2013). Along with several vet visits, a chiropractor evaluated her and found her to have short, tight muscles because of her breed and conformation. In addition to some minor adjustments he made, he recommended her for equine massage. That brought us to Trudi.

Trudi is so kind, gentle, and patient with Lacy, no matter how fidgety Lacy gets. She quickly identifies Lacy’s trouble areas and works through them no matter how long it takes. The difference before and after her treatment is amazing; Lacy’s rib cage moves back and forth, her stride is much longer, and she is just more fluid overall. She also taught us to properly stretch Lacy ourselves.

In addition to scheduled sessions, Trudi checks in with us on a regular basis to see how Lacy is doing. She genuinely cares about her well being. Our horse is our life and our priority is to keep her happy and content. Trudi makes her happy.

Natalie, Teresa, and Lacy
Newcastle, CA

Just wanted to recommend Trudi of Star Equine Massage to any and everyone looking to help their equine partners in whatever discipline they may be pursuing. She came way out to the foothills to work on my endurance gelding and her calm energy and patience was wonderful! She not only worked on my horse and explained what she was doing, she also taught me useful stretches I can work on my horse with on my own time. My guy is feeling great and I look forward to having Trudi back again!

~ Aurora G. with Blaze Bangor, CA



 Trudi, I want to thank you for working on my barrel horse Rusty. You really gave us that edge that we needed to become winners again. After years of competition, Rusty started to lose that heart and ambition that he used to have so much of. I've tried everything you can think of to get that extra something in our runs, but nothing I tried ever even came close to the work you've done with him. Rusty has been my top barrel horse for 8 years, but in the last few months with your help, he's been performing better then ever. I continue to see improvements in him everytime we have a visit. Thank you Trudi for making me and Rusty a team again!

~ Chelsea Draper.  Fallon, NV



  Trudi, you worked magic on Loretta a couple of weeks ago! She suffered a seizure back in June after ingesting the Stinging Nettle Plant in Point Reyes. When she seizured, all her muscles tied up and she slammed to the ground causing a hematoma to the right hip muscle. You worked out the hematoma & fixed her short stride and she went on to place 2nd out of 53 in Pole bending @ High School Rodeo!! We look forward to having you work on her again. Thank you a million times!

~Cyndi K.



  I wanted to thank you again for coming right out and giving Rollie a massage. She is doing so much better.  She is using all of the pasture instead of standing in one little area.  Yesterday she even wanted me to chase her to put on her flymask.  That's the Rollie I know.

~Maria H.  Yuba City, CA


  Zazu was supple and relaxed throughout the show.  Your massage really gave us the edge I hoped it would and also helped make the show a really happy experience for Zazu.  I rode sweet Nora (24 years young) tonight and she was feeling better than she has in quite some time.  In fact she was feeling so well that she wanted to gallop and race around the hour and a half I rode her.  The improvement in her since the massage is dramatic.  I'll tell you on Monday if little Tessi's massage had any effect on her "squirliness" when having her feet trimmed.  All three girls want to thank you for your healing massage and look forward to their next one soon.

~Roni J. Elverta, CA


  Pie, the mustang, is doing GREAT!!! My daughter rode him out today and he picked up both leads, no problem. In fact, she said he wanted to lope from my mom's place to ours, which is about 10 acres over from us. She also said that he doesn't feel so tight, when she gets on him. Shad seems to be walking better, as he is letting me know that he is over due for a trim, by clipping himself. Thank goodness he is set for a trim this coming week!!

~Edona M. Wheatland, CA


"The horse- here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity, a willing servant, yet no slave."

Unknown Author


Trudi Vorderbruggen C.E.M.T.
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